27 June 2012

Kyrgyzstan: Jalalabad

The journey to Jalalabad traversed the Uzbekistan border as it winded northwest.  It was a nice ride which took about 3 hours. 
Winding around southern Kyrgyzstan

22 June 2012

Kyrgyzstan: Osh

We spent 2 days in Osh at the Osh Guesthouse.  It felt nice to finally be in a different country with a different landscape; we have moved from the arid/desert climate of Uzbekistan to a more verdant/mountainous one.  Inner conflicts have plagued Kyrgyzstan over the past 2 decades.  Just 2 years ago was the last one in which unofficial estimates put the death toll at 3.000 people.  In a country of only 3.5 million (unofficial) this is a lot.  We had heard of this conflict when it happened but we had a minimal idea of the physical and psychological damage caused until we started to wander around the city and speak with people who lived through the conflict. 

There are still remnants of the war that happened only 2 years ago

13 June 2012

Uzbekistan: Tashkent to Osh

HJ’s bike repaired we were finally ready to depart for Kyrgyzstan.  We were excited to head out.  We have met some good people in Tashkent but the time has come to continue our journey. 
We decided to take our time to Osh and make it in 2 days.  We stayed in Kokand the first night and Fergana the second.
HJ weaving between cars and pot holes

10 June 2012

Uzbekistan: Tashkent 18-30 May, 2012

We stayed in Tashkent for 12 days.  Tashkent is a fairly modern city and relatively safe.  To be honest, it is quite a strange place.  There is a mixture of old Soviet architecture, gaudy neo-classical government buildings that meet on large boulevards and traditional Uzbekistan architecture (Old City/Madrassa).  
Towering high rises of the soviet era with a fountain