10 September 2012

Czech Republic (Prague)

I was excited to get to Czech because I had arranged to meet with Michal Rus (Sole Tech distributor for Czech) and ride into Prague together.  He sent me GPS coordinates to a small town, Dacice.  From here we would take small roads back to Prague.  I was especially happy to be able to ride with someone again.
Michael: Enjoying the scenery

08 September 2012


I had spent a comfortable 2 days in Timisoara but the time had come to move on to Budapest.  Romania is perhaps one of the finest places to ride motorcycles (of what I have seen), but, and I say a big BUT, the drivers are perhaps the worst I have come across.  Well, maybe the Kazakhstan drivers around Shymkent were worse - its a toss up.  For example, in the towns, the speed limit is 50kph, Romanians would go like 80-100kph.  In the areas where you could go faster (like 70-100kph) they would go like 50kph.
This was actually in Vienna. I thought this was a very funny sight so I had to take a quick pic: tourists on segways