10 September 2012

Czech Republic (Prague)

I was excited to get to Czech because I had arranged to meet with Michal Rus (Sole Tech distributor for Czech) and ride into Prague together.  He sent me GPS coordinates to a small town, Dacice.  From here we would take small roads back to Prague.  I was especially happy to be able to ride with someone again.
Michael: Enjoying the scenery

Over the past 3 weeks I have noticed a big difference in this leg of the travel versus the first leg when traveling with HJ.  The second leg has made me appreciate that much more traveling with someone else.
Stopped for a quick bite in Telc

This was funny to see this lady riding an old style scooter with no helmet cruising  on the road
The road to Dacice was part highway and part super small road (big enough for 1.5 cars wide).  The road was lined with apple and plum trees.  I wanted to stop to pick some but was a bit lazy and only stopped to take pictures.  I made it to the little town and actually arrived a bit before Michal and at the incorrect spot.  It was ok in the end since the town is quite small, he eventually found me drinking a coffee at a little cafe.
Our 3 hour journey back to Prague was excellent; we only took super small roads that would weave and wind their ways up, down, and through the foothills.
Enjoying the Czech evening

Good bye until another day, Prague...next stop Nurnberg!
We arrived in the late evening to his place.  We washed my air filter again then headed out with a couple pushbikes to get some food.  It had been a long day and I slept very well.
Thanks Michal!

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