10 September 2012

Czech Republic (Prague)

I was excited to get to Czech because I had arranged to meet with Michal Rus (Sole Tech distributor for Czech) and ride into Prague together.  He sent me GPS coordinates to a small town, Dacice.  From here we would take small roads back to Prague.  I was especially happy to be able to ride with someone again.
Michael: Enjoying the scenery

08 September 2012


I had spent a comfortable 2 days in Timisoara but the time had come to move on to Budapest.  Romania is perhaps one of the finest places to ride motorcycles (of what I have seen), but, and I say a big BUT, the drivers are perhaps the worst I have come across.  Well, maybe the Kazakhstan drivers around Shymkent were worse - its a toss up.  For example, in the towns, the speed limit is 50kph, Romanians would go like 80-100kph.  In the areas where you could go faster (like 70-100kph) they would go like 50kph.
This was actually in Vienna. I thought this was a very funny sight so I had to take a quick pic: tourists on segways

04 September 2012


Entering back into the European Union made me realize that I am getting close to finishing my trip.  Luckily, I do not think about it.  My thoughts have been consumed by the gorgeous scenery of all these countries.  When planning the Romanian part of the journey (I use the word "planning" very loosely) I knew the distances would be far, I had no idea that the average speed was between 50kph-60kph.

One of the many towns I crossed through in Romania...I liked the Soviet era statues on the top of the hill

Moldova (and Transdnistra)

Leaving Odessa and Ukraine was for some reason more difficult than I would have thought.  I really wanted to see Crimea and did not do it.  Well, I suppose there are things that need to remain for one to return.  I did manage to finally get 'Ole Besty cleaned on the way out - one of the perks for waking up early and getting on the road.  I decided to take the more round-a-bout route towards the southwest direction then up to the Moldova border.  It was a short ride and was well worth it.
She needed a good cleaning, it had been too long