15 May 2012

Kazakhstan: Shepte - Beyneu, May 7, 2012

After a power breakfast with Etimar, we jumped on the bikes and began our journey.  We followed the highway until the tarmac turned into clay, dirt and sand. 
The dangerous section, which was actually ok

It was a long and demanding ride.  Scott would fall one more time today making an elevation change from sandy road to clay but again, no injuries, just a broken fog lamp bracket – again duct tape to the rescue.
HJ's left panier came loose and jumped off his bike - all ok
We met a few russians on the way, nice guys!
We arrived into Beyneu in the late afternoon to the one hotel in the center.  It was a comfortable and clean place (AHTA) but our room had no shower.  We asked the lady for a shower and she said no.  We asked again and maybe she could smell us, they she said ok.  She took us to another room and showed us the shower. 
Here is where we stayed in Beyneu
The hotel had a Kafe inside so we had dinner there, meeting some nice guys who had stopped by to have a few beers. 
The crew of guys at the hotel...it was beer thirty
Tomorrow’s ride would be a long one, we would be heading towards the Uzbekistan boarder…

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