12 May 2012

Shaki -Baki: Day 14 (26 April, 2012)

We started the morning with a heavy breakfast (turned out to be more expansive than the dinner, but good). Next we visited the castle and the palace. The Russians only left the smallest building of the palace in place, so there was not that much to be seen anymore, but the surroundings were very nice. The remaining palace building is more or less symmetrical, with one side for the woman and one side for the man. The guide didn't like us to step on the balcony for woman, so we quickly moved to the other side.

We drove calmly to Baki, taking the inside road along the mountains again. Close to Qabala we had to take a detour, which brought us back to familiar stone roads again. Shortly after, we accidentally ended up on the still warm asphalt of the new road and few of our tracks can probably still be found. In Ismayilli we stopped for a short lunch. HJ checked the map on his iPad and found that the Google map tile of Baku had disappeared. In a neighboring internet shop we traded internet access for a picture of the shop owner on HJ's bike. Without much ado we arrived in Baku, where we stayed in the funny and very nice hotel Fawlty Towers.

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