24 May 2012

Uzbekistan: Moynak - Nukus 10 May, 2012

HJ noticed that there was a shorter road to get to Nukus on his map so we decided to take this new route.  It was supposed to take us to Shenge.  
We needed to cross this...luckily, we found tracks where people had made a quasi road
We turned off, headed about 30km (included was a dry/sandy riverbed crossing) until we arrived at a bridge.  The center portion of the bridge was the only thing standing.  It looked like it had been bombed about 20 years ago and nobody every fixed it.
The road was listed on the map that it was a road...the map has not been updated in quite some time
The main issue in Uzbekistan, as mentioned in an earlier post, is the petrol shortage.  We have to be smart about our petrol and how we use it. HJ can do probably 450km with the 4 extra liters he has (21 in total) and Scott probably 600km (37 liters).  A 60km sidetrack in Uzbekistan can be a bit sketchy.
In Uzbekistan there are these signs at every entrance to every city
Finally back to the main road, we are on our way to Nukus.  We arrived in the late afternoon into Nukus.  It is a bigger city than we anticipated and finding the center proved a little challenging.  
The Nukus bazaar, not much happening in this city except this and the Modern Art Museum
After a couple turns and asking a police officer we managed to find the Jipek Joli hotel.  It was one of the first times were have landed in a place at a decent time. 
The hotel in Nukus, very comfortable place
a nice place to chill
the bread guy at the bazaar wanted his pic taken
The fruit guy, he overcharged us but not too much
The little girl had hard negotiation skills.
Thank you in Uzbek
The wait staff at the Jipek Joli
It would be a relaxing evening and a relaxing day tomorrow.  We have a simple ride to Xiva of about 150km.

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