20 April 2012

Austria/Slovenia - Day 3

 We woke up, prepared a bit, went to get breakfast, came back, got yelled at by the receptionist for not checking out by noon, checked out and were on our way to Slovenia. While getting yelled at, Harm-Jan managed to phone a hostel he found on the internet to see if they had room that night and the following. Luckily they did! We finally were on the road about 1pm. It was another late start.  

At the boarder of Germany/Austria, buying a Vignette for the bikes

We were heading to Ljubjlana via Salzburg then back down. It is the quickest way to get to Ljubljana. When we started it was a bit overcast but dry. The temp was about 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). Soon after climbing altitude, the temp dropped to 4.5 Celsius (40 Fahrenheit) with pockets of rain. It was cold to say the least. A great thing about Austria is the tunnel system. These tunnels can be long. Inside these tunnels the temp is much warmer, but full of exhaust fumes. We were willing to sacrifice a few brain cells for some warmth, even if it were temporary.  

This storm would haunt us for the following days...
HJ waiting for me to take the pic so we can continue
We finally caught up to the cold-front depression and were underneath the rain for about 4 hours straight. We arrived into Ljubljana wrecked about 8pm. The hostel, Vila Veselova was a god-send. The staff was extremely nice to us, as the other people staying in the place. Once settled, a friend, Roman Jellen stopped by to pick us up to get some food. 

Hostel Vila Veselova - we took over their entrance

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