12 April 2012


For those of you who have the idea of doing a similar journey, take our advice, make sure you plan out to get your visas so you can leave on time!  We began to really plan out the trip in early January.  We basically had 4 months to get everything organized: route, possible countries to visit, visas needed, carnet de passages, parts needed, etc.  Nevertheless, we still managed to be challenged with the visa timing.  I was delayed with Kazakhstan while Harm-Jan was delayed with Uzbekistan.  Fortunately, both passports arrived on the same day to the Turkmenistan Embassy in Brussels (this past Tuesday).  Unfortunately the visa process is 5 days and we need to leave before the passports are ready.  Fingers crossed that CIBT (visa agency) will be able to get the visas to us quickly! (We needed to get a visa for Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan). The first visa, Azerbaijan, begins on April 25th...so there is not much time to get there.  Aside from the visas, I just hope that what we are bringing is more than sufficient (tools, clothes, spare parts, etc).  Well, only time will tell...Anyway, back to preparations...I have a BMW R1200GS Adventure and Harm-Jan a BMW R650GS Dakar.  Both bikes are in good shape, but there were still things that were needed in prepartion of this long ride.  We were lucky to have good friends who helped us prepare the bikes for this trip.  First and foremost, we would like to thank a select few that helped us out: Rolf Selling for taking the time to help us prepare the bikes and to organize two Saturdays at Motorport Amsterdam, Motorport Amsterdam (especially Fred) for letting us occupy two bays, BMW Harry Meyer (Arno) for being patient with me and my questions, Hans from Toms Skateshop, Iwan from Rodolfos, Logan from the Taco Shop, RSM for being the catalyst to make this trip a reality, Horizons Unlimited for providing countless stories to learn from, and to all of our friends and family who are morally supporting us along the way.
Tomorrow will be the first drive of the journey...stay tuned...

The bikes at Motorport Amsterdam (Fred in background)

Harm-Jan getting started

Thanks Rolf!

Grinding away...

The chain...to the 650GS Dakar

Playing with the rear wheel

Practice makes perfect

Installing a 20v plug

My tools...

Harry Meyer - BMW Amsterdam

Iwan from Rodolfos

Motorport Amsterdam


  1. I am crossing my fingers for both of you that you get your visas in time. Cannot wait to see your pictures and read your posts!

  2. Here's to a smooth, adventurous, and fun journey! You guys are now in my Google reader so we will get your updates the instant you post them. Can't wait for the vicarious adventure!

  3. Hoping to hear that there are no travel glitches with those visas. Can't wait to get your updated posts. Keep them coming regularly. Have fun!

  4. I wish you both a wonderful trip. I will keep coming here for more news. Enjoy!

  5. great, enjoy the ride while I update myself on the adventures of scott n harmjan :-)

  6. Good Luck and safe travels!!!

  7. This is so exciting!!! I'm looking forward to following along with this adventurer. Safe travels.

  8. Got a WhatsApp from Scott just a bit ago. The guys are in Sofia, Bulgaria. They have 10 days to make it to Azerbaijan. (It took me a while but I found the tiny country on my world map across the Caspian Sea from Turkmenistan. The plan is to travel about 500 km per day for the next 10 days. His closing thoughts: its tiring and Speak soon!
    Hope you're able to see the country as you zoom through! Thanks for the contact and I look forward to hearing from you again, real soon! Love to you!!

  9. Hi Scott & HJ, by the time you read this you're already a week on the go! And what a distance you've travelled already... do you have time to enjoy the scenery? Well I guess you can video it at least. I must admit I envy the two of you, some adventure! It was my pleasure helping two left handed rookies on the road ;-) The roads must be getting worse the further you get isn't it? Keep it on 2 wheels and rolling ;-) Above all enjoy! Rolf