11 April 2012

The Riders

Harm Jan Meester and Scott Sentianin are executive MBA graduates from the Rotterdam School of Management, class 2011.  Both are ambitious about their professional futures and passionate about riding and their BMW motorcycles.  The end of the MBA was a perfect time for both guys to take a sabbatical from work, jump on the back of the bikes and head out to Singapore overland.

Harm-Jan Meester is a Dutch national living in the bustling harbor city of Rotterdam.  Growing up in the tranquil north of the country, Harm-Jan enjoyed training his parents’ horses, cycling and swimming (which he competed on a national level). During his studies at the Delft University of Technology, Harm-Jan began travelling to the then opening-up countries of Eastern Europe which turned into a long-lasting travel bug. After a number of years of international consulting at Deloitte, Harm-Jan opened his own consulting company, advising mining and oil companies on trading and supply chain issues. This work kept the travel bug alive and allowed him to work in exotic locations. Today, after finishing a two-year MBA study at the Rotterdam School of Management, Harm-Jan balances his time between working for his business, travelling and enjoying life with his girlfriend, and sports.  Motorcycling came only recently to Harm-Jan’s life, and is predominantly a means to fully experience traveling in contrast to the usual business flights and hotels.

Harm-Jan vs the 650 Dakar
Scott Sentianin is a Californian transplanted to the Netherlands after Sole Technology Inc opened a European Headquarters.   An avid participant in the action sports, Scott grew up skateboarding and playing soccer.  His international exchange to Argentina during high school created the desire to travel and look for adventure.  The travel bug bit and Scott has been travelling ever since.  The latest stint sent him to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the past 6 years working with Sole Technology.  The past 2 years has been filled with an MBA study at the Rotterdam School of Management.  To close this chapter in his life, Scott has joined Harm-Jan to travel overland to Asia.  To this day, Scott enjoys skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, riding motorcyles and playing soccer with the etnies team in Amsterdam.
Scott strapped in, ready to go
Scott's Adventure, skateboard included

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  1. Bon voyage! Have the most awe-inspiring adventure and keep those of us at home posted. I'm going to be checking in often for updates on your progress. Enjoy every minute of your journey! Love to you both ----- Mom