20 April 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia Day 4

Today was our only slack day we have until reaching Baku.  We wanted to check out the city and luckily for us, Emil (Obsession) came back into town late Sunday so we decided to meet Monday mid-morning. Monday was D-Day for me.  CIBT needed to give me some info about the Turkmenistan visa.  The day started out a bit stressed (it is all relavtive people...haha).  Things just were not working.  We finally got through to CIBT and found out that they messed up Harm-Jan’s visa and really didn’t know where his passport was at the moment.  They had no idea about mine either but would call us back in the afternoon.  In the mean time, Emil showed up and we headed for a walk around the city.  He knows the place like the back of his hand.  We went for food at a local place and ate some amazing food. 

Lunch at Emil's local eatery

It was then time to walk back to the hostel (first stopping to get a new prepaid sim card) to meet up with Roman to get the tires put on.  Roman brought us to the Bridgestone dealer B&F Pneumatic and within an hour and a half, we were on our way.  Roman was truly amazing.  He organized the tires, a chin spoiler for HJ's helmet, and dinner two nights in a row - thanks Roman!

B&F Pneumatics sorted out new Battlewings for HJs bike and Anakee 2s for mine - thanks guys!  
After dropping the bikes back to the hostel, we jumped in Roman's van and headed to his house for some home-cooked grub. 

HJ and Roman checking things out
Roman's wife Tatiana cooked an amazing dinner while making us feel very at home.  Toni Mulec also stopped by to enjoy the food and hang out.   After dinner, we headed into town for a few drinks with Emil and Boyan.  
Dinner at Tatiana/Romans place with Toni Mulec and us - it was a perfect home-cooked meal!

These guys did not want to stop...luckily it was a Monday (Roman, Scott, Boyan, Toni, HJ, Emil)
It was a nice and relaxing day.  Tomorrow was going to be a tough ride to Serbia, especially if the rain persists.   
The Dragons are the protectors of the city


  1. Nice :)so good to find friends :)

  2. I love that the dragons are the protector of the city! So fun to stop and see friends along the way! Sounds like they are taking good care of you and HJ.