21 April 2012

Belgrade-Sofia Day 6

As mentioned in the previous day's blog, the day started off on a downer, not to mention it was raining like crazy.  Tom Tom was working well enough to get us in the direction of Sofia, but nothing more detailed.
We had printed some google maps out of the city and HJ had the Navigon prepared on his Iphone - just in case.
We had to stop and get some roadside pictures.  Serbia countryside is amazingly beautiful..but watch out for the crazy drivers!

The riding was very wet, the wettest yet, of all rides.  The road today was not as much highway as we were used to.  The speeds were slower, the other driver's on the road crazier, but a much nicer route.  We were able to stop from time to time to snap a few pictures.  The country-side was absolutely beautiful.
Picturesque landscape - Serbian mountainside
We finally crossed over to the Bulgarian side.  The boarder agent looked at my passport and said, "Vadim...do you speak Russian (in Russian, of course)".  I said, "no, sorry".  He they replied, "Ok, Vadim, go...go" and we were off again.
Goodbye Serbia, Hello Bulgaria...bring on some sun!
We eventually arrived into Sofia.  We had one small error in the navigation, but HJs Navigon was able to guide us to our destination.  Nikola from Hazel Sports had offered to let us crash at his place for the night.  We are warmly greeted by Nikola, Veronika, their daughter, and Scooby (the dog).  Veronika had cooked a massive amount of food for dinner.  After dinner a few people showed up to say hello (Javor, Lubomir, Nikola's sister and her boyfriend).  It was a great way to end the day.
The gracious hosts!  Thanks a ton Nikola/Veronika!!

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  1. I am impressed that you know so many people EVERYWHERE. LOL! And...Serbia...a piece of our history.